FAQ – Client

When I receive a resume, does the candidate know I have the resume?
In contrast to some recruitment agencies, we will never present a resume to you without the candidate's consent. However, at your discretion, we can keep your specifics confidential and refer to you generically

What makes Career Finder different?
We’re known for providing the highest level of service and professionalism to both clients and candidates. Two things enable us to provide this level of service: First, every member of our team has “real world” industry experience and a passion for business. We do extensive upfront industry research and ask the right questions of our clients and candidates to ensure the best possible match.

Will my open positions always be published on your web site?
No. Certain searches are conducted on a strictly confidential basis or the target list of candidates is so narrow that it doesn't make sense to post them on our web site. In addition, you can always instruct us not to public post a position. After all, we work for you.

What is retained search?
There are two types of search: Retained and Contingency, and the two models are vastly different. Retained search are engaged exclusively by a client to fill a position. In contrast, multiple contingency firms can be engaged at once, and clients are required to pay only the firm that presents the successful candidate. Retained search firms are able to dedicate the time and resources to learn about their clients, conduct thorough assessments of candidates and thoughtfully assess how they fit the client’s needs. Contingency recruiters typically work with a large number of job openings, mining their databases for known candidates who look, on paper, to be a fit for the given position, and submitting as many of those candidates’ resumes as possible to the client.

Does Career Finder provide a guarantee?
Yes. Our long-standing client relationships are the lifeblood of our practice and are testament to our ability to deliver superior client service. If for some reason a candidate does not work out during a specified period of time, we will partner with our client to find a satisfactory solution.

What are the relationship and the responsibility of Career Finder to my organization?
As an agent of the client employer, Career Finder utilizes professional methods to source, identify, and recruit candidates for permanent and contract employment opportunities.